10th Class General Science Group Guess 2021


10th Class General Science Group Guess 2021

Short Questions

Unit No. 7 Energy

  1. Difference between and the relationship of work and energy =2. Definitions of all types of energy =3. Definition of hydroelectric power =4. What are fossil fuels =5. Solar power and solar energy =6. Definitions of the following

=solid waste =biomass =powers and its formula =BTU =greenhouse effect =nuclear waste =conservation of energy

Unit NO. 8 Current Electricity

  1. Definitions of:

=conventional current =random motion =Ohm’s law =dielectric =capacitor =ferad =variable capacitor

=transformer =fuse =solar panel =potential difference =2. Differentiate between step-up and step-down transformer =3. Differentiate between DC and AC

Unit No. 9 Basic Electronics

1. Learn the definitions of

=semiconductor =doping =semiconductor diode =photodiode =software =data management =N-type and P-type semiconductors =floppy disc =2. Difference between RAM and ROM =3. Difference between hardware and software =4. Analog quantities =5. Information technology =6. Telecommunication

Unit No. 10 Science and technology

1. learn the definitions of: =holograph =lithotripsy =total internal reflection =pharmaceutical chemistry

=pharmacy =radioactivity =radioactive elements =2. Definition and uses of isotopes =3. Ultrasound and its uses =4. difference between EEG and ECG =5. What is MRI and write its two uses =6. What is Angiography =7? two ways to protect from radiations =8. Who and when discovered radioactivity =9. characteristics and feature of gamma radiations =10. Centrifugation

Unit 11 Space and Nuclear program of Pakistan

1. What is space suit =2 objectives of SPARCO =3. what is an artificial satellite? =4. write the full form of SPARCO =5. CANUP =6. role of NIFA

10th class General science important long questions

1. What is thermal pollution, how it is produced and its effects on the environment =2? Write a note on Need of Energy =3. Traditional methods of producing electricity =4. Write a note on environmental

Degradation =5. Write a note on the communication system =6. Structure and uses of ammeter and voltmeter =7. What is a multimeter? its functions use =8. Ohms law =9. Explain DC and AC =10. Structure and functions of galvanometer =11. Write a note on types, charging and discharging of capacitor =12. Types of radiations and their characteristics/features =13. Write a note on the space program of Pakistan

14. Types and making of diodes


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